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Useful info about plaster ceiling

Plaster ceiling is a top favorite for many mainly because it can give the house an incredibly great look. Most apartments or houses tend to have beams that run right across the ceiling in various parts of the house. Certain designs tend to have a beam that is very deep and this can be very ugly. Using ceiling plaster is a great way to hide them. This type of ceiling comes with the advantage of installation of down lights or recessed lights and this can help in eliminating the harsh lighting.

Designs for plaster ceiling

Ideally, plaster ceiling can have a simple or very elaborate design and it is upon you to select what you want. The elaborate design tends to be a much better choice for the larger homes. A simple design works better for smaller homes mainly because it doesn’t lower the ceiling too much. Semi attached homes and bungalows tend to feature higher ceilings as a way of ensuring that the house has an airy feel which is actually very important. In this case, a drop between 6 and 8 inches isn’t really too much. If you have a smaller house, the concrete ceiling tends to be low already and addition of a highly elaborate ceiling gives your house a cramped feel.

For houses having a low ceiling, installation of cornices at corners is a great idea and this helps in ensuring that the plaster ceiling has a great look without any reduction to the air space. Previously, most people were interested in having ceiling plaster that featured the L shaped ledge in their efforts of hiding the fluorescent light tubes. This design has a great advantage in that it tends to hide the florescent tubes which results in soft even lighting. Some owners on the other hand realized that the design tended to trap the dead lizards and insects that drop after some time.

Useful tips for you

When it comes to installation of plaster ceiling, it is important that wiring is installed for your home entertainment system or home security. Even though such wiring can be installed later on, it tends to involve a hole being cut on the new ceiling and you should certainly avoid this at all times. One thing though you should understand is that installation of the elaborate design requires the input of a professional interior designer. This is because you will need to think carefully about the ceiling size as well as what your intended achievements are. An eye catching design will definitely be the focal point of attraction. You will realize that guests will keep staring at the ceiling with little interest to other areas of your home.

Plaster ceiling can greatly change the looks of your home and it is important that you consider installing this type of ceiling. While it is true that there are many other types of ceilings out there, ceiling plaster will offer you many benefits than you can ever imagine.

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